Meet Dr. Dan DeReuter

About Dr. Dan 1

I was a managing a fast-food restaurant when I fell off the marquee sign.

Hurt and unable to breathe,  I asked the staff to call 911 for help-but one of my employees said I should see a nearby chiropractor . I said I didn’t care but I needed immediate help.

The relief was immediate, and in my subsequent visits I was astounded as how this man was able to understand so much about my body.  I remember thinking to myself , “I wish I could do that!”

I heard a voice! The voice said “Why don’t you?”

I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life!

3 months later I moved 750 miles and enrolled in Chiropractic College.  Chiropractic helped me with issues that I had for years.

I’ve been a chiropractor for nearly 20 years now. I love to see the miracles that occur in my office on a daily basis. I want to change lives and I thank God on a daily basis that I get to do what I do.

About Dr. Dan 2
Dr. Dan with his daughters Chloe and Audrey.