Friends with Benefits Week 2017 1

Friends with Benefits Week 2017

Friends with Benefits week 2017 is April 24-27

Every year we have a “Friends with Benefits Week” If you are a current practice member, you can bring in 1 person to come get adjusted with you.  Their visit is free and you just pay your regular rate.

There is some fine print here:

  • The friend must be a new client
  • Visit is for non-therapeutic chiropractic
  • There will be no reporting for personal injury, Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Comp, etc.
  • Must agree to our terms of service on new client form
  • Can’t use your birthday visit to bring a friend in.

That’s it. It’s a great opportunity to “turn someone on” to the benefits of chiropractic!

So share with your friends and let’s help some people!