Lifting His Arm Up 3

Lifting His Arm Up

Lifting His Arm Up 4I tweeted about this the other day- A 10 year old boy came in and had never been able to raise his right arm past chest level. To eat, he would raise the fork as high as he could, then bring his mouth down to meet the fork. He likes sports, but there were plenty of things that he couldnt do.

His dad brought him in for me to check him out and of course, I was surprised when I saw the range of motion in the arm and shoulder.

I determined that there was an unusual amount of tension and torque on the tissue around the rib cage and axilla. I adjusted him using the ArthroStim Instrument and KST.

In that one visit, the little boy was able to raise his arm all the way up!  Since then, he has come back and we continue getting more range of motion and there is much less tension around the rib cage area as well.

Chiropractic is Awesome!