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Sandra Benton-actress

Dr. Dan has been a tremendous help to me because I can feel a huge difference in the way I carry my body after a visit. I am an actress and my body is my instrument, if it can’t move correctly then I have limitations as a performer.I have come in for visits with Dr. Dan completely in knots and by the time I walked out, I had much more mobility and flexibility.

I can’t say enough good things about him because it is rare to find someone who cares so deeply about his patients and really puts in the time with them to make them feel better not only physically but emotionally too. If he asks you how things are going, he really is interested in your response. He puts in the time to find out what is going on in your life that might be affecting your skeletal well being.All I can say is Thanks Dr. Dan!!!

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seal of approval

Lucky Yates, Show Biz Personality (voice of Dr. Krieger on Archer)

” I was one of those guys that never even considered chiropractic until I absolutely needed it. What a dope I was! Dr. Dan is the greatest!!! His adjustments are like 

“i wouldn’t have been able to (complete the Triathlon) without the help of Dr. Dan and his staff. Thank you!”

Dawn Reed says:

It has been a blessing meeting you wonderful people. The good care, I couldn’t ask for better. I have been telling my friends how the treatments have helped me.I feel like a walking miracle. I was off-balance all the time [vertigo}, felt like all the air had been knocked out of me, and my mouth had drooped down like i had a stroke. Now, I am breathing much better , my mouth is back to normal after the first treatment. I had anxiety, whiplash, and back pain.I feel so much better after just a few treatments. I feel better about my posture, too. What a difference this has made in my life.

Thanks so much

Heather Lumpkin says:

“Dr. Dan is incredible. For an entire year I was unable to run and after a few visits with Dr. Dan, I don’t experience pain in my knees and calves anymore. I would reccomend him to anyone and everyone who is having aches and pains.”

Rob Patti says:

“Dr. Dan has been a great chiropractor for me. Since I am very active in sports like golf, tennis, and hockey, my body gets a little out of line pretty often. I can feel when I haven’t been to see Dr. Dan in a while because I will have some back pain or neck pain. He is always available, even on short notice, to fit me in for an adjustment”

Vanessa Foster says:

“I thought long and hard for several days, trying to figure out the perfect words to say about Dr. Dan and then it occurred to me simple honesty is the best…Dr. Dan is amazing and his work is outstanding. I love the fact that he is not only very gentle, he is also very effective. I can feel the difference in my energy level and well being almost immediately. He provides quality care to his patients and his work ethic is superior. I also appreciate his wealth of knowledgeable about health and wellness and his willingness to share with and educate others. He is a phenomenal man who believes in quality service.”

Rich Jacobson says:

‘I thought I would take a moment to tell you how terrific I feel. As you know I have been a patient of yours for about 8 months. My initial need for a Chiropractor was for lower back pain. Through the course of several visits and some stretches you asked me to do, my back has been feeling great. Now I visit your office as needed, sort of a tune-up every now and then and look forward to it since I feel much better after my session.As you are know, my family as also been treated and they always look forward towards going to see ‘Dr. Dan’… they just feel better after seeing you. Thanks so much for your help”

Lawrence Ou says:

“I had been struggling since high school (for the last 6 or so years) with chronic pain and numbness in the left side of my back and shoulder. I was very involved in athletics with extremely intense training year round. I
tried a variety of different remedies, from myofascial release to a steady diet of ibuprofen. However, nothing really did the job for any period of time. So I finally went to see Dr. Dan as I had heard about how a chiropractic adjustment can do wonders…and after just a few visits, it was like night and day! I feel like I can finally function normally; I spend all day at work on the computer, and it’s so much easier to do that when your shoulder isn’t hurting so bad you are nauseated.Thanks Dr. Dan!”

Rick Herceg says:

“I go to Dr. Dan when I am experiencing back and neck pain because I always leave his office feeling better than when I came! When my wife saw the relief I was experiencing she immediately called to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dan. Both of us are confident to call on Dr. Dan anytime things get out of whack! His warm personality and generous spirit compliment his gentle techniques and methods and keep us coming back when we need results.”

J. Beard says:

“–My experience with Dr. Dan we no less than flawless. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor. Every visit goes off without a hitch and I feel like a new man because of him. I wouldn’t go to anyone else, ever.”

Micheal Friedlander says:

“I haven’t believed much in chiropractic through the years. When I started going to Dr. Dan though and experienced his form of gentle chiropractic I was surprised at the results. I have a physically demanding job and now when I’m sore, stiff or spasming his office is the first place I go.Rachel R. says:”…As much as he knows about [chiropractic], his keen instincts and loving heart make him the best chiropractor I’ve ever worked with.”

Sharon Troncone says:

“I have more energy and strength and my pain is much less severe.I also sleep better now!”

Rachel Rosenthal says:

“Two years after falling squarely on the linch-pin of my hip, I was not only still in pain, but now also diagnosed as arthritic. My yoga practice helped keep me working, but failed to clear it.In an amazingly short amount of time, Dr. Dan’s powerful technique has me pain free. I feel if I dared, I could run again. Not every chiropractor is a healer but this one is. Plus, I have yet to see rates as affordable as his. Do yourself a favor – arrange for a healing session – his website couldn’t make it easier.”


My visit didn’t take too much time and helped me. The only suggestion I could make is for more information from the doctor. By this I mean to tell us some ways to prevent getting out of alignment or tell us what he is seeing (feeling) with regards to our alignment. I know he is limited on time with the open adjustments, but it would be nice to know what is going on with our body.


I came with excruciating pain and could not hardly walk. After three adjustments I am almost back to normal and so grateful to Dr Dan for his expertise. Dr Dan’s staff was very professional and concerned about my wellbeing. Thank you!

John J –

Dr. Dan and the staff at Natural Life Clinic are the best. They provide the upmost care.

Matt S –

Dr. Dan is fantastic! He explains why you hurt and shows you where the pain comes from right before he puts you right back in place. I would recommend him over anyone else in a 100 mile radius.


My family and I have using the Chiropractic and Massage services here for over a year now. It has made a big difference in the way we feel and especially in our posture. Dr Dan and Dawn are both great to work with and are very helpful with issues including my daughter’s sports injuries. I love the unlimited open adjustment sessions with Dr Dan.

Terry L.-

Absolute best in the business! I’m a chiropractor in chattanooga and I drive all the way to Dalton for Dr. Dans services.

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